Sweet Chestnuts @ Greenwich Park

Sweet Chestnuts ripe & ready for collecting

Hard at work with the picker

'I've bagged it!'

'Does this thing get any bigger?'
Unidentified fruit. Do you know what this is?

Apples waiting to be collected by Tom from Ravensbourne School
SEplentyFREE Abundance 15th Oct 2013

the nut at the top of the tree......

Preparing for freefall

So many sweet chestnuts.... So much to do!

Crab pears outside Hornimans School SE23

A beautiful abundant Apple tree in a garden in SE23

Golden Delish? Apple tree in New Cross SE14

Golden Delicious? they really are :P
Sweet sweet chestnuts

Quince bush - slightly thorny but well worth the scratches

Apple tree towering over fence in Upper Honor Oak Park

Thats my 5 a day!

Its lonely at the top! A nut at the top of the tree?
Wild Pears in SE22

Chestnut Tree in SE15

Happy Pear!!

Brockley Apples SE4
Pears aplenty, harvested in SE26

One of the volunteers with the best of the apples & pears 26/9/13


What a happy pear!

Red fleshed eating apple ?
more info here
SE15 Peckham Red Delish

Harvesting an Apple Tree in SE13

Up the ladder and into the tree...

Harvesting an Apple Tree in SE13

Harvesting an Apple Tree in SE13
Early rosehips for making Crabapple & Rosehip Jelly

Sour Cherries make Gorgeous Jam

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  1. Hi Vera,

    Lovely photos. In case you haven't already identified it, your unidentified fruit above is from the strawberry tree and is edible.

    By the way already opened the new jar of membrillo.Yummy,

    Lu x