Saturday, 1 November 2014

Chestnuts & mushrooms forage


I am planning to go out early Sunday morning to Bromley area to look for chestnuts and mushrooms. I realise this is outside of our normal local area, but I fancied going further afield and checking out some (local to London) woodland.

I can't guarantee that we will find chestnuts, but it is the right time of year and where there is woodland, there is usually sweet chestnut trees.

During the walk we will talk about the differences between horse & sweet chestnuts, various cooking methods and recipes. If you've never collected chestnuts and don't know what to do with them, don't worry. Help is available to those who require it.

PLEASE NOTE: I am new to foraging for mushrooms and this really is just a learning experience for me (& anyone that joins me). Please do not expect to come home with lots of lovely edible fungi !!
This is more about learning where, how and when they grow and how to identify different types.

TRAVEL: There may be several bus journeys and a good amount of walking involved so please do wear appropriate attire.
I can meet people in Forest Hill, Penge or Bromley.
For those of you cycling and/or wanting to travel the bulk of the journey by train, the nearest stations will be Hayes or Bromley South.
Be aware: neither of these stations are within walking distance of the woods we will be visiting though. You will need to get a bus or cycle the rest of the way.
If anyone wants to join us that will be driving, I can give you the map coordinates. Please do consider car-sharing!

MEET AT: 10.30AM (later than previously arranged due to the rain)
FOREST HILL STATION (front entrance)
Devonshire Road, London SE23 3HB

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