Sunday, 13 October 2013

fruit harvesting events for October 2013

PLANNED EVENTS for OCTOBER -- 13th - 20th
As with all events, please do call/text/email me for more details & do bring your own bags!!

SUN 20th 11.30AM: Chestnut foraging at Greenwich Park. Meeting points at Forest Hill, Lewisham Station and Blackheath (Shooters Hill)
SAT 19th AM: Albion Millenium Green Orchard Walk  Meet at Forest Hill Station @ 11am
SAT 19th PM:We will be meeting at the Honor Oak Aerial site and visiting a nearby garden which had 6 different varieties of Apple trees. Bring picking picks if you have, or can borrow.

FRI 18th AM: Pear tree harvest in Honor Oak Park area. Meet at 9.30am
FRI 18th NOON: Harvest of 2 apple trees, also in Honor Oak Park. Time TBC
FRI 18th PM: Possibility of attending 2 garden in the same rd, local to the earlier harvests. (TBC)
THURS 17th Morning: We will be visiting 2 adjacent gardens behind Hornimans Museum that has several apples trees. Meet at 9.30am
THURS 17th Afternoon: We will be vising a garden in New Cross. Meet at 2pm
SUN 13th Some of us are heading over to One Tree Hill / Brenchley Gardens early afternoon, to look for sloes and some late blackberries. Contact me for meeting place.

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